Our Campus

The Rising Star Campus is an oasis in the wilderness of Southern India. Consisting of six buildings on 14 acres of land, the campus has proven to be a safe haven for hundreds of children from the colonies as well as all who are fortunate to visit.

               The Peery Matriculation School for Rising Stars

               Built in the Kerala style, The Peery Matriculation School for Rising Stars offers 

               a high standard of education from K-10th grade. The High School was

               completed and dedicated in April, 2010 and houses a beautiful library,

               science lab, and upper curriculum classrooms.

       Campus Yard

               It is a happy, welcoming place with the airy feel of the original Peery School.

               Energy conservation was built into the design with bricks used in

               construction specifically designed to use air as  natural insulation, keeping

               the school cool without air conditioning, even during the hot, summer


       Campus Hallway

               The Secondary School is connected to the Elementary School, forming a right

               angle. Inside the angle is a playground and quarter mile track. It has also been

               artfully landscaped creating a feeling of inspiration to all visitors.

       Campus Track

               Rising Star/Marriott Children's Home

               The Marriott Children's homes are family-style dormitories in which the children

               are divided into small groups under the care of a housemother or housefather.

               In their small "families", they learn values of character, cleanliness, health, and

               service. The Marriott Children's home is a safe place for the children to live and



               The Kitchen & Dining Hall

               This is truly an impressive building! It easily seats 400 people to dine or gather

               for assemblies. It has an industrial size kitchen  with an entire staff of cooks

               providing three meals a day to all of the students, staff and volunteers.

       School House

               The Elephant House

               The Elephant House is your home away from home. This building was designed

               as a volunteer dormitory and a Community Center. Providing most of the

               comforts from home, it has the ability to provide lodging for up to 60 visitors

               at one time.

       Harrison Center


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